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Exhibitor and Sponsor Agreement


Thank you for your participation and support of the Colorado Mortgage Summit – the business-building event for mortgage professionals — being held on Oct. 2, 2018, at the Denver Marriott Tech Center, Denver, Colorado. Please note that the COLORADO MORTGAGE SUMMIT has a policy of no refunds for cancellations or no-shows. Please read the following important notices regarding COLORADO MORTGAGE SUMMIT:

1) Booth, Shipping And Registration Information

The information you will need as an Exhibitor will be available at You may download the Exhibitor Kit as well as forms to order Electricity, Internet, and to register your booth staff. You can download the Exhibitor Kit, which provides information on shipping materials in and out of the show, as well as the opportunities to order other booth materials and services offered by Expo Services Company. COLORADO MORTGAGE SUMMIT,American Business Media LLC and the Denver Marriott Tech Center will not be responsible for any freight not shipped by our Expo Services Company.

2) Attendee Registration

The non-exhibitor fee to attend the COLORADO MORTGAGE SUMMIT is $595 per person for vendors, and $125 per person for recognized mortgage professionals.  For a limited time sponsors and exhibitors have the ability to invite their NMLS-registered mortgage professional clients and prospects to register to attend as complimentary registrants. The COLORADO MORTGAGE SUMMIT provides numerous ways to make this easy. We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable pre-show marketing opportunity by reaching out to your clients and prospects. Sponsors and exhibitors are provided with a unique registration link to email to prospective attendees.   Note: Sponsors and exhibitors do not incur any actual fees for those who accept their invitation.  Sponsors and exhibitors are asked to include on their invitation distribution list. We are happy to provide a list of attendees registering via your link upon request.

3) Booth Staff Registration

Platinum Sponsors receive up to 4 complimentary booth staff registrations; Gold Sponsors receive up to 4 complimentary booth staff registrations; Silver Sponsors and Exhibitors receive up to 2 complimentary booth staff registrations. Additional booth staff may be added for $125 per person.  Please note: all booth staff must be pre-registered prior to the booth staff form deadline.

4) Giveaways and Raffles – We encourage exhibitors to offer a raffle prize at their booth. Attendees enjoy winning and having your raffle prize listed in the program guide drives additional traffic to your booth. The raffle prize is kept at your booth the entire time. Just prior to the conclusion of the show, we collect the Raffle Winner Forms from participating exhibitors, gather all attendees on the show floor, and announce the winner of each exhibitor’s raffle. Winners are sent to the participant’s booth to accept their prize.  To drive additional traffic to our exhibitors and to reward the attendees who visit them, the COLORADO MORTGAGE SUMMIT offers various prizes to be raffled off during Exhibit Hall hours.

5) Insurance

As an exhibitor, you may wish to arrange for fire, theft and liability insurance. Please contact your insurance agent to do so at your expense. The COLORADO MORTGAGE SUMMIT, American Business Media LLC and the Hotel are not liable for damages or injuries incurred during the EXPO.

6) Email Communications

We’re staying Green. All communications about the COLORADO MORTGAGE SUMMIT will come via email. Please forward all communications to any staff that needs to be informed. To add contacts to receive the emails directly, please let us know by emailing

We have a great show planned, and we’re looking forward to your involvement. We trust this information is helpful, but if you’ve got more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact Vincent Valvo, American Business Media LLC, (860) 922-3441, or at



Thank you for your participation and support of the COLORADO MORTGAGE SUMMIT – the business-building event for mortgage professionals — being held October 2, 2018, at Denver Marriott Tech Center in Denver, Colorado. Please read the following important rules regarding the COLORADO MORTGAGE SUMMIT (“EXPO”):

EXPO reserves the right to reject or prohibit, in part or in whole, any exhibit or exhibitor. If an exhibit or exhibitor is rejected for breach of marketplace terms and conditions or for violating local or state codes of laws, no refund shall be made. All rights and responsibilities overseeing the management of the EXPO are reserved by American Business Media LLC or its’ designates.

A. Scope, Incorporation by Reference, Terms:

This agreement relates to the Exposition presented by EXPO in connection with the Conference identified in the companion Application to Exhibit. The completed application incorporates by reference all of the terms of this master contract. “Exposition” refers to a trade show or group of tabletop exhibits in conjunction with the EXPO. The term “Agreement,” as used herein refers to the terms set forth in the Exhibitor’s Contract. “Exposition Facility” refers to the Denver Marriott Westminster, the facilities housing EXPO exhibit halls. “Official Contractors” refers to the official show decorators of the EXPO. “Exhibitor” is an entity whose Application to Exhibit has been accepted by the EXPO.

B. General Terms & Conditions: It is understood and agreed as follows:

  • Subject to the availability of booth space, the Application to Exhibit at the EXPO becomes a binding contract upon the EXPO’s issuance of a confirmation notice after receiving a fully completed application and good funds in the full amount owed for the exhibit space requested.

  • Classification of exhibits and assignment of space in the Exposition Facility will be determined by the EXPO at its sole discretion, and due to the great number of companies exhibiting similar or related product lines, the EXPO cannot guarantee that a company exhibiting similar products (including an exhibitor’s competitor) will not be located in a nearby or adjoining booth space.

  • The EXPO reserves the right to take the following actions at its sole discretion:

  1. To prohibit any exhibit, or part thereof, which violates this Agreement or is, in any other way, not suitable for, or in keeping with, the character and spirit of the Exposition;

  2. To close any exhibit which is found to violate this Agreement during the course of the Exposition;

  3. To refuse to permit an Exhibitor who violates this Agreement to participate in one or more future EXPO Expositions;

  4. To change the floor plan (including but not limited to aisle spaces), without notice, in order to comply with fire, safety and accessibility regulations, or to provide in the EXPO’s exclusive judgment, a safer, more satisfactory, more balanced, attractive or successful Exposition; and

  5. To enforce strict compliance with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  6. In the event the exhibitor has not paid the balance due as agreed, booth space may be reassigned to another exhibitor. If exhibitor does not claim its assigned space before 7:00 a.m. on the first day of the exhibit hall opening, booth space may be reassigned to another exhibitor.

C. Booth Displays and Equipment:

1. Appearance: Standard booth equipment, as noted on the General Exhibitor Information, will be provided by the EXPO without cost to the Exhibitor. If an Exhibitor plans to install a completely constructed display of such a character that the Exhibitor will not require or desire the use of standard booth equipment, no part of its display shall so project so as to obscure the view of the adjacent booths. No display, may exceed a height of ten feet on the back wall nor be higher than side wall specifications, except with special permission of EXPO.  Exhibitor shall not use a display that varies in any significant way from its description in the General Exhibitor Information.

2. Installation and Dismantling: The specific requirements as to time for installation and dismantling of as noted on the General Exhibitor Information page shall be binding upon the Exhibitor as though fully set forth herein. All displays must be in place and set up at least one hour prior to the official opening of the Exposition Facility. Space not occupied by that time may be re-assigned for other purposes by the EXPO. If the booth is not set up during official installation hours, EXPO will instruct the Official Contractor to set the booth and this cost will be charged to the Exhibitor. No Exhibitor will be permitted to dismantle a booth prior to the official close of the show. Exhibitors who dismantle their booths, in part or in whole, prior to 15 minutes from the official close of the show agree that they will automatically be charged a $1,000 early-breakdown penalty, and shall have no right to dispute such charge, which shall be submitted to Exhibitor’s credit card in the first instance or via invoice in the second instance.

3. Contractor Services; Use of Union Labor: EXPO has agreements with contractors (hereinafter “Official Contractors”) to provide various services to exhibitors. They will provide all Exposition services other than supervision. Exhibitors will provide only the material and equipment that they own and intend to use in their exhibit space. All other items or Exposition services may be provided only by the Official Contractors, as set forth in the Exhibitor Service Kit, which contains forms and instructions for obtaining the necessary services. All services not ordered in advance must be procured through the Exhibitor Service Desk(s), which will be maintained in the Exposition Facility. Where a union contract covers the Exposition, it will be necessary that all Exhibitors use qualified union personnel for the various services required for material handling within the show.

4. Protection of Exposition Facility: Nothing shall be posted on, or tacked, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the Exposition Facility without permission from the proper building authority. Packing, unpacking and assembly of exhibits shall be done only in designated areas and in conformity with the direction of the EXPO and the Exposition Facility Manager or their assistants.

5. Subletting Space: No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted to it. Nor shall any exhibitor exhibit or promote within a booth space any products, materials or services that the Exhibitor does not develop or distribute in the regular course of its business, or allow any other person or party to do so.

D. Booth Operations:

1. Hours of Operation: The EXPO may from time-to-time promulgate such regulations governing hours of access to displays and eligibilities for admission thereto as may be found in its judgment to be most practicable..

2. Music: The playing of music or any form of sound amplification is strictly prohibited, or up to the discretion of the EXPO.

3. Food, Beverages and Ancillary Services: Dispensing or serving of beverages, food or providing ancillary services from a booth must be approved by the Exposition Facility and the EXPO before the commencement of the Exposition.

4. Animals/Pets: No live animal, reptile, fish or bird is allowed in the Exposition Facility, unless proper precautions have been made to control and restrain such animal, fish or bird, and for which written permission has been provided. Guide dogs may accompany a disabled or physically challenged person within the Exposition Facility.

5. Automobiles: Vehicles are prohibited from being brought into the Exposition Facility.

6. Decorations/Restrictions: The EXPO and the Exposition Facility must approve all helium-filled balloons. The use of helium balloons, glitter, sand, adhesive backed decals or simulated snow types of material are not permitted in the Exposition Facility without permission from the EXPO and the Exposition Facility. The Exhibitor will incur additional charges for the cleanup of these materials.

7. Security: The EXPO undertakes no duty, nor assumes any responsibility for the protection of the property of the Exhibitor or its representatives, or of property used in connection with the Exhibit, from theft or damage or destruction by fire, accident or other cause. Small and easily portable articles shall be properly secured or removed after exhibition hours and placed in safekeeping by the Exhibitor. Any protection exercised, in fact, by the EXPO shall be deemed purely gratuitous on its part and shall in no way be construed to create any liability.

8. Promotional Materials; Soliciting and Polling. Neither Exhibitors nor non-exhibitors shall distribute to the persons attending the Exposition and related conference any printed matter, including without limitation: company specific promotional materials; complimentary newspapers and other periodicals; samples; and souvenirs and the like, except from within rented exhibit space. Special distribution of such material elsewhere must be approved by the EXPO. Distribution from booth-to-booth, or in the aisles, is forbidden, and Exhibitors must confine their exhibit activities to the leased space. Strolling entertainment or moving advertisements outside an Exhibitor’s assigned space is not permitted.

9. Prior Approval of Displays and Demonstrations Outside Exposition: Neither the Exhibitors nor non-exhibitors shall be permitted to provide demonstrations of products or services; display articles, equipment or information concerning services; or show movies/videos of such articles, equipment or services in private suites or rooms during an Exposition and related conference, except in accordance with prior agreements between the EXPO and officials of the Exposition Facility.

E. Cancellations and Refunds: It is the policy of the EXPO that in the event of cancellation or no-show on the part of the Exhibitor, no refunds will be made.

F. Liability and Indemnification: Upon the Application for Exhibit Space becoming a binding contract in accordance with Paragraph B.1 above, Exhibitor assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and save forever harmless the EXPO, and the Exposition Facility, its officers; directors; owners; affiliated companies; and all employees and agents of all of them (hereinafter collectively called “Indemnitees”) against (1) any personal injury to Exhibitor of its officers, agents, employees or guests, or to any other person in attendance at the Exposition; (2) any damage to, or loss of, any property of the Exhibitor or any of it officers, agents or employees, or of any other person in attendance at the Exposition; (3) any governmental charges or fines; and (4) any attorneys fees arising out of, or caused by, Exhibitor’s installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the Exposition Facility, or a part thereof, excluding any such injury, loss, damage or other liability caused by the gross negligence or willful conduct of the Indemnitees, their employees and agents. Exhibitor also expressly releases the Indemnitees from and agrees to indemnify them against any and all claims for the specified injury, damage, loss or other liability and hereby waives any and all claims that may accrue to Exhibitor. In addition, Exhibitor acknowledges that the EXPO and other Indemnitees do not maintain insurance covering Exhibitor’s property, and that it is the sole responsibility of Exhibitor to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering losses by Exhibitor relative to its property.

G. Compliance with Federal, State and Local Laws: Exhibitor shall comply with all federal, state and local laws, including but not limited to fire regulations. The EXPO has no responsibility for Exhibitor compliance with applicable laws.